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Rapid results

Same day turnaround on cardiac reports and instant notification on critical data.

Secure instant data

Reports instantly pushed to your mobile device using BeatBox.

Multiday analysis

24hr – 14 day Holter analysis with clear, comprehensive reporting.

How it works
How it works
Get answers sooner for your patients

Simple to set up and use

Try it for free!
Try it for free!

Zero barriers

What’s included at no cost?

  • All devices and hardware
  • Account set up and  log ins for unlimited users
  • Staff training & clinic resources
  • Ongoing IT and customer support

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Service options

Flexible cardiac monitoring solutions

You can choose a full cardiac monitoring solution or talk to us about reducing patient waitlists, BeatBox SaaS or other options to suit  your medical facility.

Clinical Resources

We search globally for the highest performing ECG, Holter, Event Monitor and Telemetry technology to ensure you can provide leading care to your patients.

All devices and consumables are provided up front at no cost to establish in-clinic cardiac monitoring service at your practice or facility.

You can provide on-the-spot Holter and heart monitoring and remote patient services, with hook up taking as little as 30-seconds using the latest lightweight, showerproof wearable devices provided by CardioScan.

Patients simply return the device at the end of the test for rapid analysis.

Our team of cardiac technicians delivers high quality cardiac data in under 24 hours, and STAT reports even sooner. Our Quality Assurance process provides that analysis is checked at least twice to confirm results and ensure it meets the highest analytical and compliance standards.

Reports are then pushed live for instant access on BeatBox Mobile Reporting platform.

BeatBox Mobile Reporting platform gives you instant access to completed analysis and connects your entire team to live patient records on any device in any location. It brings together all your departments to automate tasks and reduce manual handling for faster more accurate reporting.

Security features, access permissions, data encryption, and easy-to-use dashboards help you speed up diagnosis and improve communication at your clinic.

Self-reporting cardiologists simply log into BeatBox, review the analysis prepared by CardioScan, and then confirm when you’re done. BeatBox automatically encrypts, archives and pushes reports to the EMR.

Alternatively, choose to have our team of cardiologists complete a full reporting and diagnostic service.

We provide staff training all devices and reporting software, including in-clinic sessions and easy-to-follow guides and videos – along with other useful clinic resources, such as patient fact sheets, instructions and diaries.

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