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Clarus 40M gives you Telemetry and Event Monitoring in a single device for complete and responsive patient care.

Key Features
All-in-one device
No pairing to other devices or gateway for easier use
30-day recording
Long term monitoring without interruption
3 Channels
Chest & precordial leads for superior trace quality
Live data & alerts
Instant alerts at the time of events and hourly data uploads
Real time analysis
Cardiac technicians monitor patient data 24/7

Clarus 40M gives you Telemetry and Event Monitoring in a single device for complete and responsive patient care.

Built-in cellular means no more pairing with other devices and simpler day-to-day management for patients being monitored in long term cardiac studies. The compact, all-in-one Clarus 40M device is easier to use and provides greater comfort with superior data quality over 3 channels.

It provides continuous detection and transmission of cardiac rhythm dysfunctions while patients continue with daily activities. Clarus 40M also allows patients to manually record events with an easy to use digital patient diary.

There’s zero data loss with Clarus 40M even when out of cellular range.
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Comprehensive reporting

Faster, more comprehensive clinical reports that make a difference

  • Urgent notifications and episode reports
  • Daily Summary and End of Service reports
  • Heart rate histogram on MCT report
  • A-Fib onset and offset on MCT summary report
  • AF burden and rate charts
  • Full disclosure report on demand

Our service

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Discover faster, more accurate cardiac data at your clinic using Clarus 40M and Cardiac Monitoring Service.

Service options available

Flexible cardiac monitoring solutions

Our cardiac monitoring service provides a complete solution or can be shaped to fit the needs of your individual clinic or large multi-facility hospital.

Clinical resources

We search globally for the highest performing Holter, Telemetry, Event and Ambulatory Blood Pressure technology to ensure you can provide leading care to your patients.

All devices and consumables are provided up front at no cost to establish in-clinic cardiac monitoring at your practice or facility.

Cardiac Monitoring Service enables physicians to provide on-the-spot Holter, Telemetry & Event monitoring or Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring at the time of consultation, with hook up taking as little as 30-seconds using the latest lightweight wearable devices.

Telemetry provides continuous monitoring and data, while other services allow for rapid data analysis at the end of testing when the patient returns the device.

You receive instant alerts at the time of events and hourly data uploads, with real time analysis from cardiac technicians monitoring patient data 24/7. We provide urgent notifications and episode reports, along with daily summary and end of service reports.

We provide staff training all devices and reporting software, including in-clinic sessions and easy-to-follow guides and videos – along with other useful clinic resources, such as patient fact sheets, instructions and diaries.

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Accurate reporting

We deliver more than 99.8% reporting accuracy on average and we’re 100% open about it with monthly service reports for our customers.

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Impeccable data security

We meet stringent data security standards for our customers in public hospitals and private clinics worldwide in accordance with government regulations, best practice standards and all relevant clinic policies and protocols.

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More than Telemetry

We remain independent of devices, and instead choose the highest performing  heart monitoring devices and reporting technology available.

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